Drone Home Inspection Services

Benefits of a Drone (UAV) Home Inspection:

  • We are able to view the roof surfaces not normally visible due to height, tree coverage and/or adjacent homes
  • Gives Inspectors access to clay and tile roofs
  • Allows Inspectors to inspect roofs in wet conditions
  • Allows Inspectors to see those high chimney structures
  • Safety for Inspectors accessing high pitch, older roof surfaces, multistory roofs and wet roofs
  • 4K Video and 12MP photos
  • Faster Inspections

What to Consider for UAV Residential & Commercial Inspections:

  • There are not currently any regulations by T.R.E.C.
  • The FAA estimate that there will be 7 million drones in service by 2020
  • 2.7 million with be for commercial use
  • Is your inspector FAA Certified?
  • Is your Inspector insured?
  • Does your Inspector have his FAA Certificate in his possession?

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