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Flooded Houston HomeIn the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation we are all here together to pick up the pieces. First we had the wind damage that raged through the greater Houston area, but that was only the beginning. As the rain poured down, our rivers filled up and Houston area homes and businesses were flooded; taking  a toll on many of our homes and businesses.  Goodspeed Inspection Services mission is to give you and your family peace of mind by insuring your residential or commercial property is safe and sound.

Goodspeed Inspection Services are licensed real estate inspectors serving Houston for the last twenty-one years. We have provided inspection services for over nine thousand homes and businesses. We have weathered every type of storm and catastrophe in our service history.

“Please contact Goodspeed Inspection Services  and  request an appointment for a Moisture Intrusion Analysis as soon as possible. This Inspection will utilize thermal imaging technology that utilizes infrared heat signatures of water damage in the walls and ceilings throughout the house . Goodspeed Inspectors will evaluate the inside and outside of the property to determine if any water damage has occurred. We will issue a report with photos graphs of the areas affected and photos of the thermal image findings. “

We are a Houston area company that has been serving the community for decades. We take pride in being a Texas owned and operated company. Hurricane Harvey may have devastated our city but not our spirits. We are all in this together and we will build back stronger in the places that were once destroyed.

If you would like to schedule an inspection or have any questions or concerns please feel fill out the form below, or contact us at 281-403-1010. We look forward to hearing from you all. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

-Robert J.P. Goodspeed

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