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Top 10 Ways to Speed Your Home Inspection

  1. Confirm gas, water and electricity are turned on and gas pilot lights are burning.
  2. Ensure all pets are secure and won’t hinder inspection. Notify all persons involved about pets that are to be kept inside.
  3. Replace all burned out light bulbs.
  4. Test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  Replace batteries if needed.
  5. Clean or replace all dirty HVAC air filters, and verify filters fit and are secured properly.
  6. Move wood, stored items or debris away from foundation.
  7. Unlock or remove locks from any items the inspector must access such as gates in fences, attic access hatches or doors, electric service panels, special closets, crawl space hatches or doors for pier-and-beam construction, bathtub bathtrap doors.
  8. Confirm areas and components are accessible by removing items blocking access to:  electric panels, heating and air conditioning equipment, water heaters, ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles (GFCI), attic access hatches or doors (Note: debris may fall when pull down door is opened), crawl space access hatches for pier-and-beam construction (Note:  Remove all items that might restrict movement in attic or crawl space).
  9. Trim tree limbs back from the roof and trim shrubs away from the house to allow access.
  10. Repair or replace broken, damaged or missing items such as door knobs, locks and latches, window locks and broken glass, window screens, Anti-siphon devices on exterior faucets, rain gutters and downspouts, chimney flue caps.


Take these actions and your home inspection will go faster and will result in a “Cleaner” inspection report – good news for you, your realtor and your buyer.

Fall Home Owner Checklist

Download (PDF, 49KB)

Sample Inspection Report

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The following is a sample of the email that you will received when your Inspection Report is emailed to you.  Please follow the directions contained in the email to view a sample report.

Your home inspection report for 123 Main Street Lane
has been uploaded to HomeGauge.

Your home inspector has created a user name for you to view your
home inspection report. This email contains your user name and password.

To view your report please follow the steps below
1) Go to http://www.homegauge.com/login.html
2) Sign in with this user name and password
User Name: Mrhomebuyer182
Password: oakvent

Enter the User Name and Password EXACTLY as above paying attention to the
capitalization of the words.
No spaces are in the user name.

Your Home Inspection Report

Once your home inspection is complete you will receive the same type of email as above with your login information to your own report. Another user name and password is not what most of us want to remember. So,
once you sign in you can change your user name and password to whatever is
easy to for you to remember. Select the “Update my info” link in the menu and reset your information from there.

For any questions about this report please contact your home inspector:
Robert JP Goodspeed
Goodspeed Inspection Services, Inc.