Inspection Types

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We offer a variety of inspection services for your private or commercial project:

Listing/Sellers Inspection

A “Sellers Inspection” or “Listing Inspection” is conducted for the benefit of the owner of the property to aid in the selling process of the home.  The inspection is conducted by a Texas Real Estate Commission (T.R.E.C.) Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector in accordance with T.R.E.C. and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards and Practices.  We conduct the inspection just as we would if we were inspecting the property for a buyer, we know that owners don’t want any surprises prior to closing.

This inspection aids the owner of the property by identifying defects prior the sale of the property and giving the owner the convenience of having defective items repaired by qualified professionals or reducing the price of the property to reflect existing defects, all done prior to the restricted time allowed in a buyers contract.

This inspection will aid the buyer also.  We are so confident of our inspectors expertise conducting an inspection that we will transfer the inspection report over to a buyer of the property for half the inspection fee.  We will stand behind the report and the conditions found at the time of the inspection for Three Months.

What’s more you can use the Inspection Report as our “Seller’s Disclosure.” Have your report listed on line for all potential buyers to view.

Commercial Inspection

We have conducted Commercial Due Diligence Inspections on many different sized projects such as banks, schools, 6 story high-rise buildings, 200,000 sq. ft. office warehouses, churches, funeral homes, restaurants and bars, convenience stores, apartments, gas stations and B shop strip malls,

Our inspection teams include Licensed Professional Engineers, HVAC Contractors, Electricians’, Moisture Intrusion Analysts and Licensed Real Estate Inspectors, Plumbers. Depending on your needs we put together a team that can handle every aspect of your project .

Phase I Inspection (Pre-Concrete)

Phase I Inspection are conducted prior to the pouring of the concrete slab.

The inspection will cover the installation of the post tensioned cables, reinforcing steel, wood framing, visible plumbing, and electrical, grade beams, perimeter beams. The levelness of the framing and depth of concrete slab is also checked during this inspection.

The photos below are what things will look like when the slab is ready to inspect.

When your house looks like this it is time to have a Phase I Inspection conducted.

Phase II Inspection (Pre-Sheet Rock)

Phase II Inspection are conducted prior to the hanging of sheet rock on the wood framing throughout the house.

The inspection will cover the installation of the stubbed in electrical wiring, water heater and plumbing, HVAC and ductwork, wood framing throughout the house, windows, doors, exterior sheathing and flashings.

The photos below are what things will look like when the framing is ready for inspection.

When your house looks like this it is time to have a Phase II Inspection conducted.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

We include a Sprinkler Inspections when present with our Full Structural & Mechanical Inspection.

The Sprinkler Inspection include the installation and operation of the all zones, heads, control equipment, rain sensors, visible underground leaks and low pressure of zones.

Pool & Spa

We have conducted thousands of pool and spa inspections scince 1996. 

Pool and spa inspection include inspected the installation and operation of the pumps, filters, air pumps, valves, diving boards, ladders, lights, electrical, GFCI protection, plumbing, levelness, decking coping, waterline tile and interior surfaces