Sample Inspection Report

The following is a sample of the email that you will received when your Inspection Report is emailed to you.  Please follow the directions contained in the email to view a sample report.

Your home inspection report for 123 Main Street Lane
has been uploaded to HomeGauge.

Your home inspector has created a user name for you to view your
home inspection report. This email contains your user name and password.

To view your report please follow the steps below
1) Go to Home Gauge and view a Sample Home Inspection Report
2) Sign in with this user name and password
User Name: Mrhomebuyer182
Password: oakvent

Enter the User Name and Password EXACTLY as above paying attention to the
capitalization of the words.
No spaces are in the user name.

I include Video in all Inspection reports along with photos.

See Report 12345 Jackson St. Section 11.5 Air Conditioning Unit.

You can create a repair list directly from the Report on Home Gauge. You can click on the link below to see an example.

Make a Sample Repair List from my Home Inspection

Your Home Inspection Report

Once your home inspection is complete you will receive the same type of email as above with your login information to your own report. Another user name and password is not what most of us want to remember. So,
once you sign in you can change your user name and password to whatever is
easy to for you to remember. Select the “Update my info” link in the menu and reset your information from there.

For any questions about this report please contact your home inspector:
Robert JP Goodspeed
Goodspeed Inspection Services, Inc.