Water Related Inspections

Goodspeed Inspection’s Water Related Inspections

Full Real Estate Home Inspection

The inspection is conducted by a Texas Real Estate Commission (T.R.E.C.) Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector in accordance with T.R.E.C. and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards and Practices.  We conduct the inspection just as we would if we were inspecting the property for a buyer, we know that owners don’t want any surprises prior to closing.

This inspection aids the owner of the property by identifying defects prior the sale of the property and giving the owner the convenience of having defective items repaired by qualified professionals or reducing the price of the property to reflect existing defects, all done prior to the restricted time allowed in a buyers contract.

Flooded Houston Home


Flooded Home Walk Through with a Professional Inspector


If your flood has suffered through any sort of flooding, Goodspeed Inspections can help! The homeowner and a professional inspector will go through the home, taking note of everything affected by the rising flood waters. After the inspection has been completed, the inspector will have a list of what needs to be done to start the process of getting your home back to normal.  The Flooded Home Walkthrough is currently priced at $200.00.

Moisture Intrusion Inspection

This Inspection will utilize thermal imaging technology that utilizes infrared heat signatures of water damage in the walls and ceilings throughout the house .Kitchen Sink with Infared Scan Goodspeed Inspectors will evaluate the inside and outside of the property to determine if any water damage has occurred. We will issue a report with photos graphs of the areas affected and photos of the thermal image findings. The Moisture Intrusion Inspection is currently priced at $300.00.

Roof Inspection

Limitations apply, two story roofs are typically inspected from the ground using binoculars. Please contact our office for full description of Inspection and options.